In Spring of 2015 we are expanding with three new varieties: 200 Blue Ribbon, 100 Cargo & 100 Last Call blueberries.  This will extend our season through early August (maybe even later!) In 2017 we added 600 Draper and Bluecrop to our varieties. Yum!

Blueberries are nutritious, delicious, and versatile.  Whether you like to eat them like candy or bake pies or muffins, the blueberry is a wonderful fruit.  We currently grow three varieties of blueberries.  The Reka blueberry is a very productive and excellent tasting berry developed in New Zealand.  It has a deep blue hue and is generally bigger than a dime.  The Northern variety is a lighter blue and has a slightly more wild flavor.  And Patriot is a beautiful blue and large slightly flattened berry that can be bigger than a nickel.  The flavor is super sweet and scruptious for fresh eating.