Achillea, varieties
Acidanthera Bicolor Muriliae
Agrostemma, Purple Queen
Agrostemma, Ocean Pearls
Allium miniature, Sphaerocephalon 
Allium, Gladiator

Ammi, Dara
Ammobium, Winged Everlasting

Armenian Basket 




Aster, China Tower Blue
Aster, China Tower Chamois
Aster, China Tower Silver
Aster, China Tower Yellow
Aster tataricus, Jindai
Asteromea mongolica
Astilbe, Grande
Astrantia Star of Beauty
Astrantia Star of Royals
Bells of Ireland

Bracteantha Mohave Apricot
Bracteantha Mohave Dark Red
Calendula, Flasback mix
Caryopteris Blue Empire 
Campanula Persicifolia Blue
Campanula Persicifolia  White
Caspedia, Sun Ball
Celosia, Celway Mix
Celosia Flamingo Feather
Chelone glabra
Chrysanthemums, Fanfare
Clarkia, double mix
Cosmos, Double Click Mix
Delphinium, Magic Fountains
Delpinium Pacific Giants
Dianthus, Chabaud Jeanne Dionis Pink
Didiscus, Lacy Lavender Blue 
Didiscus, Lacy Pink
Digitalis Camelot
Digitalis, Apricot Beaty
Digitalis, Strawberry
Echinacea, Double Scoop Bubble Gum

Echinacea, Double Scoop Raspberry
Echinacea, Primadonna Deep Rose
Echinacea, Cheyenne Spirit
Echinops ritro

Eryngium, Blue Glitter

Snapdragon, Chantilly White
Snapdragon, Chantilly Pink
Snapdragon, Lucky Lips
Snapdragon, Potomac
Solidago, Goldenrod

Snapdragon, Rocket Mix

Statice, Seeker Blue
Statice, Seeker Rose
Statice, Seeker White
Stock, Iron Apricot
Stock, Iron Cherry
Stock, Iron Rose
Stock, Iron Yellow
Stock, Iron White
Strawflower, Bright Rose
Strawflower, Silvery Rose
Strawflower, Swiss GIants
Strawflower, Sultane Mix
Sunflowers, Single & multi-stemmed
Sweet Pea, Mammoth & Incense
Tulips, Doubles & Feathered

Valerian, anthos
Verbena, Bonariensis
Veronica, spicata
Xeranthemum, Double Mix
Zinderella, Peach
Zinnia, Benary GIants

Zinnia, Queen Lime Red
Zinnia, Queen Lime Orange
Zinnia, Giant Lime
Zulu Warrior

And probably a whole lot more I forgot to mention!

Are you curious about what's blooming (or soon to bloom) at Beacon Woods Farm & Flowers?  Wonder no longer!  The blossoms in bloom on the farm are listed here  along with a description of best picking practices, cost per bundle, and expected vase life for that variety of flower.  You can order up to two weeks early - that way you will be sure to get the blooms you desire. And if there's something you desire and you don't see it on the list, simply ask.  I'm always eager to grow something new!

So..... just to whet your appetite,... or tickle your olfactory senses, here are some of the flowers we are growing for 2019. ​

(I know!  It's SO hard to choose!)

Current & Upcoming Flower Availability

Eucalyptus, Silver Drop
Eucomis Sparkling Burgundy
Feverfew, Magic single

Gypsophila, Covent & Perennial

Heliopsis, Burning Hearts
Helleborus Brandywine
Helenium, Tiny Dancer
Heliopsis helianthoides
Hymenocallis Festalis
Iris, Everlastings

Jacob's Ladder, White Pearl
Jupiter's Beard, Snow Cloud 
Larkspur, Dark Blue
Larkspur, Light Pink
Laskspur, Misty Lavender
Larkspur, Galilee Carmine
Larkspur, Giant Imperial
Leucanthemum 'Becky'
Mignonette, White
Obedient Plant, Rose Crown

Poppy, Hens and Chicks

Poppy, Hungarian Blue

Lavender, Phenomenal

Lily, Sorbonne
Lily, Solution
Lily, Tiger Woods
Lily, Mona Lisa
Lily, Dizzy Oriental
Lily, Red Morning Orienpet
Lily, Cobra 
Lily, Casablanca
Lisianthus ABC 1 White
Lisianthus ABC 1 Rose Rim
Lisianthus ABC 2 Misty Pink
Lisianthus, Arena III Baby Pink
Lisianthus ABC 3 Purple
Ranunculus Mixture
Pentas Starcluster Pink
Penstemon, Blackbeard 
Penstemon, digitalis
Perovskia, Blue Jean Baby
Physostegia, Miss Manners
Physostegia, Pink Manners
Poppy, Hungarian Blue Breadseed

Salvia, Caradonna
Saponaria, Pink Beauty
Saponaria, White Beauty

Sea Holly, Blue Glitter

Eryngium, yuccaflium