Folks are always asking me , "Farmer Chris, how can I get your great produce during the week? I can't wait until Saturday!"  

Well.... Beacon Woods Farm and Flowers offers an online ordering opportunity.

How it works: 

1.  ​You sign up for the weekly produce / product availability email notifications. (See sign up to the right).

2.  Then, I will send out our current seasonal availability of fruits, vegetables, flowers, jams, jellies, honey and other goodies every week or every other week during the growing season (May through October) to the email address you provide.  Purchase only what you want and the quantity that you need.  

​3.  If you see something you'd like, you simply place your order via email by Tuesday for Wednesday afternoon pickup.  

4. Then on Wednesday, just-picked, farm fresh and yummy food will be waiting for you at the farm.  Pickup is anytime after noon and before 7:00 pm on Wednesday (I'll be picking all morning!).

Produce Availability Mailings